Our slips, jockstraps and bikini bottoms

Our slips, jockstraps and bikini bottoms

Our designs comprehend the notion that comfort is crucial, but so is the aesthetics provided.  

We all want to look our best when the moment of taking our clothes off comes, but most men neglect their underwear.  

Our models provide a true sensation of refinement: even that you may feel the embroidery upon dressing the slip, soon it will fade away and be overwhelmed by the softness and involving touch of the micromodal.

This material works as a secound skin, having a high absortion capacity that will allow you to remain fresh and dry throughout your day.

cueca transparente bordada renda Underwear by pothos

"Men always take the best they can ”, S. Johnson.

It is on the small details that you see the big difference.

Our models are developed and tested with materials that will provide you the finnest wearability: 

  1. “No-Marks” waistband and High rise.

Elastic marks on your body , not only are they ugly, as they can cause long term effects on your health.

The reduction in blood irrigation causes premature aging of the cells, and our elastic, developed in microfibres covered in trilobal to give it the shimmer, ensures added comfort and good blood flow.

Its posterior high rise embrances your body in a more natural way, ending the days that you woud show off a little more skin that you’d want. 

2. The codpiece

Our codpiece design envolves your anatomy providing great comfort.

Built on micromodal, its high absortion linning will keep you dry and fresh for a long period even after a workout.   

3. “Comfort Hem-lines”

The leg opennings have an ultra-soft elastic, with high regain inside a soft micromodal finnishing to assure that you wont feel it. 

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