Underwear masculino de luxo

Our Boxers

Our boxers

Our boxers are designed and developed thinking not only thinking of your comfort but also on your image.  

We all want to always look our best when it comes to the moment of taking our clothes off, but many men  neglect their underwear.

Our models allow you to feel a true sensation of refinement: its micromodal fabric works like a second skin, with a high absorption capacity that allow you to remain dry and fresh even after a long day at the office or on the road. 

Luxury lace boxer renda Underwear by Pothos

"Luxury resides on the absense of vulgarity", C.C.

It is on the small details that you can see the difference, and when it comes to your underwear it is no different.

Our boxers, beside their luxurious materials, still have some particularities which will allow you to explore a new world of sensations:

 1. “Push-up comfort” Codpiece

Without any seams in conctact with your skin, our codpiece design assures a safe and comforting anatomycal positioning throughout the day. 

The fabric made in “micro-modal” by Lenzing Fibers)  has a thermo-regulation capacity, that being, it has the capacity of keeping you cool on warm environments and warms on cooler ones.

2. The reinforcement

A small detail that make a big difference. made in 100% micro-fibre (Modal by Lenzing), allow to a better fit to your volumetry avoiding excess of fabric and a touch three times softer than cotton.

3. “No Marks” Waistband

The waistband of our boxers, as long as sizing is correct, will not leave any mark on your body, nor will you feel pressure on more dynamic positions. 

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Do you want to know  which is the best size for you?