Which is the best material for underwear?

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The market is full of offers, there are more and more patterns and brands to choose from. But how do you know which type of underwear is right for you? And above all, what material to buy?

Until relatively recently, men’s underwear was the most basic and boring: either boxers or underwear. Cloth or jersey and  mostly in cotton.

While conventional cotton underwear looks appealing, many men feel that the softness of their garments disappears after a few washes. In the 90s, we were introduced to compression boxers in a mixture of polyamide and cotton, an innovation, no doubt, but still they had little absorption capacity, resulting in discomfort at the end of a long day.

In the mid-00’s, artificial microfibers reached the mass market. But which one to choose?

Roupa interior em algodão - Underwear para homem

About underwear in cotton

It is estimated that 75% of apparel available on the market is made in cotton or in a mixture of cotton. 

Cotton in general is a relatively inexpensive material, and easy to produce. However, it tends to wear out relatively quickly.

Despite being a smooth fibre and product, its structure and shape tends to change, and it is normal for a cotton garment after 30 washes to begin to show defects.

At the same time, articles produced in cotton can have great added value if we are talking about more sustainable and responsible production.

Our Wednesday boxer is an example of this: being its base structure in organic cotton, dyed with sustainable processes and with embroidery, it is no longer a basic piece but a new approach to cotton underwear.


Our Wednesday boxer - Cotton boxer with micromodal pouch

Roupa interior em algodão - Underwear para homem

About Micromodal

The modal and micro-modal presented themselves to the world as a revolutionary material for the apparel industry: up to 3 times more absorbent than cotton, with greater durability and up to 5 times softer.

It is a fiber that, being so thin, manages to be softer than silk.

Micromodal is an artificial fiber produced from cellulose pulp.

Produced mainly in Europe, it is almost guaranteed that not only will its by-products and processes be treated correctly, but there will be no exploitation of the workers involved, given the tight legislation in force.


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