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FAN ZONE and products reviews

pothos underwear fan zone reviews de produtos

Welcome to our FAN ZONE

Products Reviews

A brand it’s made from its customers opinions. 

On this blog, you will have the opportunity to see what our fãs are saying about us on social media.

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Our FANZONE is focused on bringing a comunity of underwear lovers together through our brand and to show off your new pricey underwear. 

In order to do so, you will have to tag us on your photo wearing one of our models on your social media. Use the hastag  #pothosunderwear and shoutout @pothosunderwear. This way, it is garanteed that we will be able to see your post. 


WE will then create a post of you onto our website with your social media (as long as you want this). 

NOTE: Private pages won’t allow us to include your post on our FANZONE. 

If just want your picture posted but keeping your privacy(not mentioning your SM), you can send us  an email to

 Follow the men whom have already choose POTHOS Underwear to be their new everyday luxury.



Do you dare to feel something new?

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  1. Yes! of course! Everyone should dare to try something new. Change is the only constant. Mens sheer underwear is an awesome change in the era of mens underwear. The mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe with the small pores.

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