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Men's Underwear

For those who dare.

To wake up for a whole new world

At each day, a new roll of sensations. Developed and produced in Portugal.

Underwear: now even more intimate.

With a special codpiece design, it embrances your anatomy assuring comfort throughout the day. 

Boxer com transparência Pothos Underwear

A game of sheerness

Fronts on micro-mesh , with the codpiece “pushup comfort”, to keep you fresh and dry.

Sofisticated embroidery on the finest prime-matters.

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Space to grow

To adapt to your contours, enahncing them.

A new definition of comfort.

Ultra-ergonimic fitting, breathable materials.

Built with the latest textile technology, our slpis assure the perfect fitting, without sliding up.

It’s codpiece “puhs-up comfort” allow you to remain frsh and dry, even on the longer days (or nights). 

Luxury underwear for gay man

It is all about the experience.

And each day is a new one.

Your first love

Do you remember your first summer love?

Create unique moments.
Leave memories.

roupa interior de homem underwear

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